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Michelle Steele Ministries

Sep 24, 2014

The Lord has alot to say about the words that come out of our mouth. His Word reveals the powerful, creative force they contain. Join Pastor Michelle Steele as she shows how Jesus, The Master, teaches how to operate the God-kind of faith through the power of our words!

Sep 23, 2014

The Lord told Joshua to meditate on His Word so that he could make his way prosperous & experience success. As believers, we are called to walk by faith & never by sight. Join Pastor Michelle Steele as she teaches the importance of governing our minds by keeping our thoughts and focus set on the truth, The Word of God!...

Sep 5, 2014

God arranged creation as He desired by means of His spoken word. In the same way, God wants us to be highly developed in declaring His Word over the situations of our lives to arrange & subdue them. Join Pastor Michelle Steele as she teaches us from the Word how we can operate faith like God does, calling the end from...

Sep 5, 2014

The Lord Jesus Christ is our righteousness. The Bible declares when we are established in His righteousness, oppresion is kept far from us, because we will not fear; Believers have not received a spirit of bondage to fear but a Spirit of sonship. Join Pastor Michelle Steele as she teaches us from The Word of God how it...

Aug 21, 2014

The finished work of Jesus Christ on the earth not only took away our sins and redeemed us from the curse but also gave us His righteousness and positioned us in a place of victory in Him. Join Pastor Michelle as she takes us to the Word of God & show us how in Christ, we are seated in the seat of the overcomer.